9 Common Dishwasher Problems And How They Can Be Repaired

December 10, 2018
Dishwasher Repair

If your dishwasher is giving you problems, there could a host of things wrong with it. The best thing you can do is call up an expert and have them take a look for you. In this post, we will introduce you to a few common dishwasher problems and how they can be repaired.  

  1. Your Dishwasher Seems to be Leaking: A leaky dishwasher is one of the most dreaded dishwasher problems of all. Not only can it cause your dishwasher to stop working properly, it can lead to damage for the rest of your kitchen. Multiple things could be causing your dishwasher to leak. If you hire a professional repair technician, they can cover all of the bases and make sure to inspect all possible culprits behind your dishwasher leak. They will check for a broken pump or pump seal, both of which can lead to a leaky dishwasher. They will also check the gaskets and drainage hose for any wear and tear. Simple repairs or inexpensive replacements could be all that is needed to fix the dishwasher and stop it from leaking.
  2. The Dishwasher is Giving Off a Foul Odor: Peculiar and unpleasant smells that come for your dishwasher indicate something is wrong. Those smells could be coming from food or grease that did not get properly washed away during the dishwasher’s cycle. Food and other types of debris can get trapped in the strainer screen, jets, and along the dishwasher door. A repair technician will be able to identify where the smell is coming from and clean out any dishwasher parts. To prevent this from happening again, plan on rinsing big pieces of food of dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. 
  3. Your Dishes Are Not Drying Correctly: The reason your dishes are not coming out of your dishwasher both clean and dry is likely due to a malfunction in the heating element. The heating element may need to be repaired or replaced. You will also want to check the thermostat with a multi-meter to make sure that is also working correctly and doesn’t need to be replaced. If you don’t know where these parts are located, call a professional repair technician who can see to it that these things are all operating correctly and back to drying your dishes completely.
  4. The Dishwasher is Cracked: It goes without saying that a cracked dishwasher is no easy fix. It is not something to try to take on all by yourself, especially if the damage is extensive. You will need the help of an expert repair technician and very likely will need to have your entire dishwasher replaced. Left cracked as it is, it could lead to even more serious damage in your home and even potentially dangerous situations. Call a professional and have the safely remove the cracked dishwasher and replace it with something new. 
  5. Your Dishwasher is Not Completing Its Cycle: A dishwasher does not complete its cycle is usually caused by a problem with one of the following: the heating element, thermostat, or timer motor. If your dishwasher has not been completing its cycle, call up your local repair technician. They will come equipped with a multi-meter to inspect all three of the aforementioned parts and get your dishwasher running until completion again.
  6. Your Dishwasher is Taking Too Long to Complete Its Cycle: If your dishwasher is taking an abnormally long time to complete its cycle it could also be caused by a problem with the heating element, thermostat or timer motor. Again, you will want to call a repair technician to come in and check all areas of the dishwasher that might need to be replaced or repaired. The sooner you call in an expert to address the problem, the sooner your dishwasher will start working as it should, thus taking up less power and costing you less in energy bills.
  7. Your Dishwasher Won’t Start At All: Just because your dishwasher won’t start doesn’t mean you will have to replace it entirely with a new one. A professional repair technician will be able to inspect your dishwasher and confirm whether your dishwasher needs to be replaced or if it simply needs to be repaired in some way. An expert will know how to inspect wiring, fuses, and circuit breakers for any damage that may be causing your dishwasher not to start. Another possible reason for a dishwasher that doesn’t start is a broken door latch. When the door latch is broken, your dishwasher door cannot close properly and when it cannot close properly, it will cause your dishwasher not to start. Whatever the issue is, a professional will be able to tackle it and get the job done right the first time.
  8. The Dishwasher Door Won’t Close: This is a mechanical issue that may require a part in the dishwasher to be replaced or re-installed. Consider calling an expert to inspect the door and the door catch in case it is completely worn out or broken. They will also examine the electrical control and the door latch. After a quick inspection, they will be able to tell you if your dishwasher needs a door latch replacement or other parts replacement and they can get the job done for you so you won’t have to. 
  9. Your Dishes Are Coming Out Cloudy or Spotty: Dishes that are white and cloudy come out of the dishwasher this way because of water buildup. The way to get rid of this is by either using more detergent than normal or using a special water detergent. If your dishes are coming out spotty, you can fix this simply with the help of a rinse aid. The purpose of the rinse aid is to prevent water from staying on the surface of your dishes. When the water sticks, it creates those pesky spots.  

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