Solutions for a Frigidaire Gas Stove Oven Failure

April 9, 2024
Oven Repair

Gas stoves are great—they work even if you experience a power outage, and they’re widely accepted to provide a professional cooking experience. However, gas stoves are still subject to problems—even reliable models like a Frigidaire gas stove. If you’re having issues with the oven component of your Frigidaire gas stove, this guide is for you! We break down the most common causes of a Frigidaire gas stove oven not working, and how to fix it. Read on to find out what to do!

Check the Gas Supply

If your oven is not working, the first step should always be to confirm that the gas supply is functional. Without a supply of gas, your oven won’t be able to heat anything. Check to see if the stove burners are working—if they are not this is a good indication you have a gas supply issue. 

To solve:

  • Make sure the oven is turned off and all the burners are set to off. 
  • Check to confirm that the gas line is fully open. If it’s closed or half closed, open it fully. 
  • Check for any leaks around the gas line. If you notice an unpleasant, sulfur-like smell, this is indicative of a gas leak. 
  • Check the gas line to see if it’s kinked or damaged in some way that might be restricting gas flow. 
  • See if other gas appliances in your home have a gas supply. 
  • Contact your gas company to find out if there are any issues with the gas supply line. 
  • Once the gas supply issue is resolved, restore power to your oven and test to see if the issue is fixed. 

Check the Igniter

The igniter in your Frigidaire gas oven is an essential part of a functioning oven compartment. It draws an electrical current in order to ignite the gas in the burners. A functioning igniter is crucial for getting your oven to reach the right temperature. 

If your igniter is not working properly, you might notice it doesn’t glow when you try to ignite the gas burner. This means it’s faulty and needs replacing.

To fix this igniter:

  • Disconnect your oven from the power and turn off the gas supply.
  • Remove the oven racks to access the igniter. 
  • Unscrew the screws holding the igniter in place.
  • Disconnect the igniter from its wiring.
  • Source a replacement igniter, ensuring it is compatible with your oven. 
  • Put the new igniter in place, ensuring the electrical connectors are in place. 
  • Screw the igniter back in place, restore power, and test to see if the oven is now functioning as it should. 

Check the Burners

Clogged, dirty, or malfunctioning burners might be to blame if your Frigidaire gas stove is not functioning as it should. Over time, food, grease, and other particles can build up in the gas outlets of your burners, leading to a failure to ignite. Without ignition, your oven can’t heat properly. 

To fix:

  • Turn off the power and gas supply to your oven. 
  • Access the burner assembly. Consult your user manual for details; in most cases, there will be a cover to remove. 
  • Use a non-scratch brush or cloth to clean the burners. Avoid using water, just try to wipe away any grease or debris. 
  • Check to see if the burners appear cracked or damaged. If they do, replace the burners with a compatible replacement part. 
  • Once cleaned and/or replaced, replace the burner cover, restore power and gas, and test to see if the burner oven is now working. 

Check the Control Board

The control board is essentially the “brain” of your oven. It manages all the functions and commands and also controls the heating. If it’s malfunctioning, it could damage your oven’s ability to heat up and work properly. 

To fix:

  • Disconnect your oven from the power source and shut off the gas supply. 
  • Consult your Frigidaire manual to figure out how to access the control panel. It will likely be located either in the back or top panel. 
  • Check to see if it shows signs of damage, like charring or loose connections. 
  • Use a multimeter to test whether all the connections are functional. 
  • If you suspect there is an issue with the control board, it’s usually advisable to call in a professional, as this can be a time-consuming and complicated fix. If you’re experienced in electrical DIY and want to do it yourself, you can order a compatible replacement part and replace the faulty control board with the new one. 

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat is responsible for heat cycling and monitoring your oven’s temperature. If it’s faulty, it may be incorrectly sensing your oven has heated up even when it is cold. This means your oven won’t heat properly and may not even heat up at all. 

To fix:

  • Disconnect your oven from the power. 
  • Turn off the gas supply line. 
  • Locate the thermostat. In most models, the thermostat is located at the rear of the oven, but you can consult your Frigidaire manual to find the exact location. 
  • Check the thermostat for any obvious signs of damage that suggest it needs replacing. 
  • If it appears fine, use a multimeter to test the thermostat for continuity. No continuity means it is broken and needs replacing. 
  • Source a replacement thermostat that is suitable for your model of Frigidaire gas stove. 
  • Remove the faulty thermostat and put the new one in its place, making sure you connect all the wiring correctly. 
  • Restore the power and gas supply to your oven. Test to see if it is now heating correctly.

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