Why Industry Changing Elite?

From the day we opened our doors in 2007, we have worked toward one, overarching vision:
Change the Industry.

This was meant as a call to action to the fantastic people who would eventually join our work family… now over 200 strong in markets as diverse as Miami, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. But it was also a very personal challenge.

I’ve spent most of my working life in the Appliance Service industry, following in my Dad’s footsteps as an Appliance Service Professional. He is still the greatest technician I’ve ever known. On my journey, I met many more craftsmen who took pride in their work and were true Customer champions. Through that lens, I developed an abiding respect for the men and women who had come to represent the best in our business. But the general perception of our trade by the public didn’t seem to match.

We started humbly in November of 2007, with one Customer Service Representative and one technician in a corner of Miami-Dade County so our goal of Changing the Industry was ambitious, to say the least. But through hard work, dedication, great partnerships, and a constant focus on our Customer, I am proud that our team of industry experts have
helped us become, not only one of the largest independent servicers in the United States but also leaders among our peers.

Our high standards and dedication to training played an integral role in the path we carved for ourselves. Not just the amount of training we do (which is well beyond industry average), but the type. We believe that rather than training for mere competence, we must focus on excellence - and it was with this precise thought that we created our Industry-Changing Elite or ICE Program.

A technician development program build in-house, ICE, allows us to refine our focus, with the help of our people leaders, on four key metrics. Two metrics are direct measures of our Customers’ perception of the quality of our service, while the other two reflect a measure of convenience for our Customers and technician efficiency.

As our men and women develop expertise in each of these areas, they earn the ICE Diamonds you can see on their business cards and online profiles and we recognize with corresponding awards and incentives. This is one way in which
we celebrate their work, dedication, and success.

Our ultimate goal is to elevate our Team and provide a one-and-done service call, 100% focused on the experience of our Customers. This program epitomizes our focus on Continuous Improvement as we strive to continue our leadership
in Changing the Industry.

Dan Moreno