Appliance Repair Tamiami Florida

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We serviced a
Model KRFC704FPS01
Near Tamiami, FL 33184
Job Details: 03/23/2021
"RR appliances told the customer the compressor is not working, A&E came a secound time and told her all she needed was a ice maker customer is extremly upset they have a extended warranty threw best buy. Called Techline spoke to T.J. 7730318124 Freezer tem is at zero ice cream is hard, thermistors all check in range. Ran test 120 to cycle the ice maker , found ice maker stuck upside down in the flex position. Called whirlpools trade care team spoke to Zabra, they will not give us autho to proceed do to the customer having a warranty with Best Buy, Zabra mention only sealed system repairs would be covered and today we do not have a sealed system issue. Customer is requesting extended warranty service provider to come out with ice maker in hand since this unit has been pre diangosed."