Locating Your Whirlpool Front-Load Washer Serial Number

When looking through the Whirlpool serial number guides, you may have noticed that a single appliance type is missing from the simplistic photo indicators shared by Whirlpool. The brand has helpfully provided a photo guide for refrigerators, dryers, dishwashers, cooktops and cooking ranges, wall ovens, even trash compactors and garbage disposals. There is an entry for washing machines, but the image clearly depicts the underside of a top-loading washer lid – with no recent addition for the front-load washer line of Whirlpool appliances.

So where is that serial number? Today, we’re here to help you find your Whirlpool Front-Load Washer serial number and explain a few interesting things about it in the process. Hopefully, the opening blurb has helped you get started in the right direction and you may have already stopped reading because you found the essential sticker and are now writing down the needed information.

For those of you still with us, let’s dive into the location, how to spot, and why you need the serial number for your Whirlpool front-loading washing machine. 

Serial Number Sticker or Plaque?

The first thing you need to realize is that the serial number info can appear in one of two ways. Whirlpool uses two labeling methods for an appliance’s critical information: Stickers and plaques.

Most of the time, you will find a white laminate sticker with black text. The sticker will be triangular with the Whirlpool logo in the upper left corner. It is usually tucked somewhere out of the way where moisture and friction cannot damage it while the appliance is in regular use.

However, sometimes Whirlpool appliances have a shiny silver plaque instead. In this case, you are looking for a silver rectangle instead of a white one, and a metal surface instead of dull laminate plastic but the information is the same. You will still spot the Whirlpool logo in the upper left corner and the Model Number and Serial Number will both be clearly visible right underneath. 

Locating Your Whirlpool Front-Load Washer Serial Number Sticker

Inside the Washer Door Pocket

  • Open the washer door
  • Look to the door pocket rim, on your side of the rubber boot
  • Find the sticker on the door pocket rim.

The Whirlpool front-loading washer serial number can seem elusive, but only if you don’t know where to look. Whirlpool uses a predictable pattern for where to put these stickers so that even if you don’t have a guide, anyone experienced in finding a appliance serial number will know where to look.  Front-load washers of the whirlpool brand usually keep this sticker on the dry side of the door pocket.

Start by opening the washing machine door. The door pocket is the indent in the front panel that makes room for the door when closed. Just inside the door pocket is the rubber gasket seal, known as the “Boot” that keeps water from leaking out when running.

Look at the rim of the door pocket on the dry side (facing you) of the boot. You will need the door open to see this sticker, but it should be apparent. The sticker may be facing you on the rim or it might be set just out of sight – on the inner-facing lip of the door pocket where the indent occurs. 

Identifying the Whirlpool Serial Number on the Sticker

Now look closely at the sticker or plaque that you have found. It should have a Whirlpool logo in the upper right corner and just below that should be your model number and serial number. Both are important to achieve your goals, whether you’re arranging for repairs, buying replacement parts, or preparing to replace the appliance entirely.

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out which number is right, because Whirlpool labels them differently based on label design. They can each have a slightly different code indicating that a number is “model” or “serial”

  • Whirlpool Model Number
    • M/N
    • MOD
    • MODEL
    • MODEL NO
  • Whirlpool Serial Number
    • S/N
    • SER
    • SERIAL

What You Can Do with Your Whirlpool Washer Serial Number

Now let’s explore what you can do with the washer serial number once you have it. A Whirlpool front-load washer needs a certain amount of maintenance and care over the years to provide continually high-quality loads of clean laundry. Knowing the serial number puts you in a key position to make informed decisions and to make repairs or improvements as you see fit. Here’s what the washer serial number gives you the power to do:

Order Replacement Parts

Washing machines sometimes break or malfunction, or just crack or get scuffed. You may want to replace an external part or need to replace an internal part. When this happens, part replacement needs to be precise. Even a slight variation in the sizing or design can cause it to not fit into your washer. With the Whirlpool front-load washer serial number, you can look up the exact parts you need – the replacement part-numbers approved by the Whirlpool designers and technicians to repair your appliance. Then you can order the exact parts instead of picking up the closest approximation at the hardware store.

Look Up the Manual Online

The washer users manual is likely long gone unless your washer is brand new and the packaging is still in your house. If you don’t have the manual and need it to maintain or repair the washer – now you can look it up online. The serial number for your washing machine can help you to look up the exact user’s manual for your model, along with all the interesting hidden features and compartments you didn’t know about.

Do Your Own Repairs

With your washer’s serial number, you are also better equipped to tackle DIY repairs. You can look up exact guides for your washer and diagrams of the inner components so that you know exactly which screws to remove and how to unclip the pieces safely.

Fast Consultation for Washer Repairs

You can also help speed up technician repairs and make in-home repairs safer. If you can share your washer’s brand, model, and serial number with an appliance repair technician over the phone, they can arrive with the right manual and replacement parts for whatever repairs you might need.

Replace the Washer with a Duplicate or Upgrade

Finally, knowing the exact make, model, and serial number of your front-load Whirlpool washer can allow you to buy another one exactly like it. Whether you love this washer and want to put its twin in another property or are replacing your current washer, the serial number will guide you to an identical model or the latest upgrade of the same line.


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