How to Fix Your Noisy LG Refrigerator: Replace the Front Evaporator Motor Grommet

If your refrigerator is noisier than you remember it being, then something is almost certainly wrong with the motor. While noise might just seem more annoying than problematic, it’s a sign that parts are bumping into something they shouldn’t. That puts a lot of wear and tear on the motor. It could even directly damage the parts over time.
The first part you should check is the front evaporator motor grommet. This rubbery part is designed to both absorb noisy vibrations and support the fan so the parts don’t hit anything. But this part can break or wear out over time, which makes your refrigerator noisy. If you want to replace the part yourself, you just need a few hand tools. Order a replacement front evaporator motor grommet (part 5040JA2009B for LG refrigerators) and follow these steps to make your refrigerator quieter:

1. Unplug the refrigerator.

Your refrigerator’s front evaporator motor grommet is completely inaccessible without disassembling the freezer section. That means this repair will involve gaining to and disconnecting electrical components. Unplug your refrigerator before you get started to keep yourself and the area safe.

2. Access the interior of the freezer.

First, remove the loose objects in your freezer. This includes the inner racks and shelves, as well as the ice machine tub.
Next, remove the ice maker on the left side of your freezer. Start by locating the two screws that the ice maker is hanging from. Completely remove the left screw and partially loosen the right screw. Before you pull the ice maker free, disconnect the wire harness at the back of the freezer. Then set the machine aside and completely remove the right screw.
After that, remove the left side rail that runs along the depth of the freezer. You need this out of the way so you can remove the back panel later. Locate and unscrew the three screws holding the side rail in place. Also, depress the locking tabs to fully remove the rail.
Remove the cover plate that was behind the ice machine by unthreading the screw and using a flathead screwdriver to depress the side tabs. Instead of setting the cover plate aside out of the freezer, just tilt the plate and push it back past cutout in the rear cover.
Then reach inside that same hole and depress the locking tabs inside the cutout to remove back panel. There are other cutouts with locking tabs that need to be depressed one by one. Once the back panel feels loose, use the cover plate’s cutout as a handle to pull the panel at an angle and remove it from the freezer. Set it aside.

3. Remove the fan assembly.

First, unplug the motor connector wire harness on the left side of the freezer’s internal parts.
Next, remove the evaporator fan motor assembly. Start by locating the long plastic bracket assembly in the middle of the back wall. Remove the two screws (one on either side of the fan) to detach the bracket fully. Pull the assembly away and set it on a flat surface. The rest of the repair will involve this assembly.

4. Remove the front evaporator motor grommet.

First, use a flathead screwdriver to pry the fan blades out of the middle of the assembly. Set it aside.
Next, move the wire harness out of the hooking retainer clip. Also, carefully cut the zip tie securing the length of wire in place. Move the wires out of the way. Then flip the assembly over and unscrew the two screws holding the central top cover. Pull this top cover out and locate the grommet inside of it.

5. Replace the front evaporator motor grommet.

Before you start, lubricate the top cover’s shaft with soap. This will make it easier to slide the grommet into position. Once it’s in place around the shaft, push it firmly in.
Reposition the top cover over the assembly’s shaft, and ensure that it is oriented with the narrow protruding part of the grommet on the top. Resecure the top cover with the two screws you removed earlier.
Next, put the wires back in position. Secure the wires with a new zip tie, and hook the wires back into retaining clip. This reduces the risk of wires shifting or getting pinched during reinstallation. Once the wires are secure, reposition the fan blades over the shaft and push it into place.

6. Reassemble the refrigerator.

First, position the fan assembly back along the rear of the freezer. Secure it into place with the two screws and then connect the wire harness.
Next, slide the back access plate into the freezer bottom first so it fits without getting stuck. Carefully snap the top into position. You should hear several clicks from the locking tabs as they snap into place. Then pull the cover plate behind the ice machine back into place. Press it down to engage the locking tabs. Also, replace the screw to fully secure it.
After that, replace the left side rail. Just snap it back into place and retighten the support screw.
Then you can reinstall the ice machine. Start by partially tightening the right screw so you can hook the ice machine back into place. Reconnect the wire harness at the back of the freezer section before continuing. The wires aren’t long so it may take a few tries to get the harness to snap in place. You may also need to try connecting the wire harness before you hang the ice machine up.
Once the wires are connected, fully tighten the right screw and add back left screw so the machine hangs straight on both screws.
After that, reinsert the drawer, racks, and the ice machine tub. Make sure the wiry metal switch is pushed down to turn the ice machine back on.
The refrigerator is now fully reassembled. Plug the appliance back in and listen for noise as the freezer cools back down. The new grommet should muffle the vibrations and stop the motor from getting damaged.
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