Where to Find Your Whirlpool Electric Range Serial Number

Between the electric burner coils on the cooktop and the dual coil heating system in the oven, your Whirlpool electric range can be a reliable tool in your home. It makes sure your food is cooked using the most efficient amount of electricity possible. However, even if your electric range isn’t at an advanced age, it may start to manifest problems. When this happens, you will want to have the serial number on hand.

The serial number, also known as the model number, is specific to the make and model of your Whirlpool electric range. It is given to a specific line made during a specified run. Essentially, it is information coded in a series of numbers and letters that lets professional repair technicians and appliance owners alike be able to look up all the specific information they need about that exact appliance.

However, because the location of the model number can vary from brand to brand and even sometimes from appliance to appliance in the same brand, it can be a bit of a chore to locate where it is at. One of the nice aspects about Whirlpool is it has some brand consistency in things like the location of that information. If you find the serial number on one model of electric range in the Whirlpool family, you can find it on all of them.

Where to Find the Serial Number on a Whirlpool Electric Range

It is recommended that when you are first installing your electric range, or any new appliance, that you find and record your model number. It is simpler to have all of them written down and stored in a location where you can find them. While the sticker with the model number on it is safely tucked away, it can be peeled off or even have the ink fade so you can’t actually read the number. This is why it is good to have such a back up plan. Regardless of whether you are installing a new electric range or need to find the serial number on an old unit, here is where you will want to look.

  • Step 1 — Open the Oven Door

The serial number for your oven will be hidden away from everyday sight so that it is protected. To find it, in most cases as we will highlight later, you will need to open the door of your oven. Only then will you be able to find what you need.

  • Step 2 — Look Along the Left Rim of the Oven Tub

The serial number for your oven will be located on the left side rim of your oven tub. Essentially, it is on the area where the door will close against the oven. It will be a small, but sturdy little sticker that will have a code similar, but perhaps not exactly like these following common Whirlpool electric range serial numbers.

  • WEE510S0FS
  • WFE500M4HS
  • WGE745C0FE
  • WFE775H0HB

So long as your electric range is in the Whirlpool brand, the serial number will start with that same “W,” which can make it easier to tell apart from all the other numbers that may be located on the plaque sticker.

  • Alternative Location — Left Rim Inside the Broiler Drawer

While Whirlpool in general is pretty consistent on where it puts things if your unit does come with a broiler drawer, the serial number may be located instead on the same side, but below the oven door. This means you will have to open the broiler drawer and should still find it on that left side rim. This is actually a better spot for it because it isn’t exposed to as much heat and less wear as most people don’t open the broiler drawer often even if they store things in there. It is much more likely that you will be able to read the serial number years down the line.

What Do You Need a Serial Number From Your Electric Range For Anyway?

Now that you know how to find the serial number on all-electric ranges in the Whirlpool family, what do you even do with the thing? There are quite a few instances where it makes things much easier to know your model number and several that specifically require it. Times that will require you to know your model number include:

  • Buying Replacement Parts

The most common occasion you will need to know the serial number for your Whirlpool electric range is when you actually need to make a repair. Unlike gas-using appliances, owners often feel a lot more comfortable repairing electric ranges themselves. However, there are a lot of parts out there, and while they may serve the same purpose, they may not be meant for the same model. For example, every electric range has a bake element that produces heat. However, only the one recommended for your serial number will necessarily fit and have the correct connections. It would be a shame to think these parts universal and have a replacement part that will never be able to work in your oven.

  • Finding Your Owner’s Manual

It used to be that if you lost your paper copy of your owner’s manual, you were out of luck. However, these days you can look it up on the Whirlpool website and have it right at hand. Unfortunately, you will need your model number in order to do it.

  • Calling a Repair Service

If you are having a problem with your range and aren’t comfortable repairing it yourself, you can expect one of the questions a service will ask you before even heading out there is what the serial number is. This helps them efficiently prep for their visit. Before coming out, they will usually have an idea of what the problem is without even looking. This means they can download the owner’s manual to help them make the repair and bring the right parts for your specific model.

  • Filing a Warranty Claim

If your electric range is still rather new, it may still be under warranty. However, in order to even file a claim, you will need to know the serial number. This will allow you to take advantage of discounts for repair and maybe even a full replacement depending on what particular issue you have.


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