How to Replace Your Oven Selector Switch

Ovens have two methods of setting the temperature. Many modern ovens have a digital display and buttons to set the temperature. However, all older ovens and many ovens today still use the selector switch method. We interface with the selector switch as a knob that turns to point at the correct desired temperature.

However, not all ovens heat the way they should. Some ovens, for example heat too much and scorch food and some heat too little, leaving food undercooked or even cold.  The trouble occurs when you know that the temperature was set correctly, but it just didn’t cook. Maybe your oven won’t come on, or it won’t reach a set temperature even through the thermometer is functioning.

If your oven selector switch is damaged or otherwise not working, you can replace it with the following procedure. 

Gather Your Supplies

It helps to put your list of supplies together early. Fortunately, this repair requires very few tools to get started. The most important thing you need is the replacement selector switch. You can get this part with or without a new selector knob to go with it.

  • Replacement Selector Switch
  • Screwdriver
  • Work Gloves

Take Safety Precautions

It’s important to make sure that you and the appliance are safe during repairs. Because the select switch is an electrical component, you will need to stop power to your oven before the repairs.

Cut the Power

Removing electricity from your oven is important, and you can do this in a few different ways. You can pull the power plug if your range’s power cord can be seen and its outlet can be reached.  You can also flip the breaker that supplies power to your oven to be completely sure. 

Pull Your Oven from the Wall

Once you have the tools and  safety precautions are taken care of, it’s time to start thinking about where you’ll be during the next repair. To replace the switch, you will need to access the back panel which means standing behind your stove. Most people will need to pull their oven away from the wall. Use the help of a friend and possibly a towel underneath the oven to help slide it away from its usual spot. 

Open the Back Panel

Now identify the back panel that you will be removing. The back control panel contains most of the oven’s control hardware. You will need to remove this panel to replace the selector switch.

Remove the Mounting Screws

The panel should be outlined with a ring of mounting screws. Use your screwdriver on each of them at a time. Set the screws aside somewhere safe.

Lift and Pull the Panel

Now take hold of the back panel and lift it before pulling it away. Set the panel aside somewhere out of the way where ou can find and reinstall it later. 

Remove the Selector Switch

 Now you will be able to see the selector switch and extract it.

Pull the Switch Knob

Start with the knob. Take a firm hold of your oven temperature knob and pull. It should come directly off the post or it may stick and need a stronger pull.

Identify the Switch Inside the Panel

Find the selector switch hardware on the inside of the control panel space. Simply match the post you just exposed to the corresponding location on the other side of the control panel surface.

Remove the Mounting Screws

Use your screwdriver to extract the 1-3 mounting screws that are holding the selector switch hardware in place.

Disconnect the Wire Harness

With the switch loose, you should have an easy time disconnecting the wires. Look for a wire harness in the line. Squeeze the plastic clip to release and pull the two halves of the wire connection apart.

Discard the Old Switch

You can now pull the old selector switch free from the assembly. You can now recycle or throw away the switch, we advise recycling. 

Install the New Selector Switch

Now you have an open space ready for the new oven selector switch to be installed. Unpackage your selector switch and make sure all the packaging is removed. Then align the new selector switch inside the control panel compartment.

Attach the Wire Harness

Take the wire ends and push the two halves of the wire harness together until they click.

Affix the Mounting Screws

Take your 1-3 mounting screws and set them into the holes. Secure your selector switch into place and tuck the connected wires into the compartment.

Return the Selector Knob

Fit your oven selector knob back onto the boost with 0 or OFF in the upright or indicator position. 

Reassemble Your Oven

Now that the new selector switch is installed, it’s time to put your oven back together so you can test the effectiveness of your repairl

Return the Back Panel

Retrieve the back panel from where you stowed it and line it up into place. Set each mounting screw and tighten firmly. Avoid over-tightening against lightweight panel metal.

Plug the Oven In

Restore power to your oven based on how you cut the power initially. If you flipped the kitchen breaker, turn your breaker back on. If you unplugged the oven, plug it back into the wall.

Push The Oven Into Place

With the help of a friend, push your oven back into position, aligned with the countertop and in the space provided. Now you are almost ready to call this repair complete. 

Test Your Success

Finally, you can test the success of your selector switch replacement. Turn your oven on and check to make sure it is functional. Test the digital computer and set a short timer to confirm function.

Then set out to bake something. Set your pre-heat and put a thermometer in the oven. Check to see if the two match when the preheat timer beeps. Turn up the heat and test the real temperature rise. Turn down the heat and do the same.

If all goes according to the switch, your repair was a complete success.


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