How to Get Your Kitchenaid Microwave’s Turntable Turning Again

Has the turntable in your Whirlpool and Kitchenaid KHMS2040WSS0 microwave stopped turning? If so, the problem may be as simple as the turntable motor. Read on for more information about how to replace this important part of your microwave unit.

Before replacing your turntable motor

Before ordering replacement parts for your microwave, you will need to confirm that the motor is the issue with your microwave’s turntable. The two most common symptoms of this particular problem are:

  1. The glass piece inside the microwave has stopped rotating
  2. The microwave table is not turning

After you have determined that the problem is with the motor, you will need to order a replacement. Here is the part number for the Whirlpool KHMS2040WSS0 microwave turntable:

  • W10210848

You may be able to order online through the manufacturer’s website, but if not, there are retail websites where you can place an order.

While you are waiting for the part to arrive, you should make you have the tools necessary to complete the repair. Our list of recommended tools can be found at any hardware store and includes:

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Philip’s head screwdriver

Step 1: Cut the power

Replacing your turntable motor includes wiring, so you will need to cut off all sources of power to the microwave. The easiest way to do so is to unplug it. Most microwaves like the Whirlpool KHMS2040WSS0 are plugged into outlets situated in the cabinets above the unit. Another easy way to cut the power is to locate the correct circuit on the circuit breaker panel and switch it off. Just make sure that you will not be affecting the use of the refrigerator or other important household appliances if you choose this option.

Also, do not forget to remove the turntable from inside the microwave and set it to the side until you are ready to put everything back together.

Step 2: Open ‘er up

Once you have cut the power and removed the turntable, it is time to open up the microwave’s underside panel. Doing so will give you access to the bottom of the microwave and its turntable motor.

In order to open the panel, you will need to remove the mounting screws holding it in position. Pick a side to start from and use Philip’s head screwdriver mentioned above. Work your way towards the middle, but leave the middle screws until last. Go to the other side and do the same. Be sure to set all of the mounting screws in a safe spot near where you are working as you remove them.

Completing this step will give you full access to the turntable motor.

Step 3: Disconnect and remove

The next step is separating and detaching the wire connectors from the motor. The connectors have tabs holding them in place so they remain connected. The tabs are small and need to be pressed down in order to remove them. Since the connectors are located in a tight space, it is recommended that you use the needle-nose pliers to make removing them easier.

After this is done, use the screwdriver to unfasten the screws holding the motor in place. Set the screws aside, in a separate place from the mounting screws for the underside panel. You will need them again in order to secure the new motor.

When you remove the old motor, you should see a white spacer on top of it. Remove it from the motor and set it in a safe place, as you will need it for the new motor.

Step 4: Install the new motor

Place the white spacer from the old motor in the same place on the new motor. Once that is in place, position the new motor underneath the microwave where the old motor sat.

Take the ring from the turntable stand that you have set to the side and put it in place inside the microwave. The ring and the top of the motor were designed to fit together. If they do not do so right away, adjust the ring’s position until it is in the correct spot.

When you are sure the new motor and the ring are in the correct position, secure the new motor with the screws that held the old motor in place and the Philips head screwdriver. Once you have finished tightening the screws, connect the wire connectors to the new motors. The turntable motor in the Whirlpool KHMS2040WSS0 microwave is an AC motor, so the order the wires are connected in does not matter. 

Step 5: Put it back the way you found it

Now that the new turntable motor is installed, everything else needs to be put back in its place. Close up the underside panel and secure it with the mounting screws you set aside earlier and the screwdriver. Open up the microwave and set the rest of the turntable stand back in place on top of the ring.

Once all of the parts of the microwave are back together, it is safe to restore power to the microwave. If you unplugged the unit, plug it back in. If you turned off the circuit, switch it back into the on position. 

Step 6: Make sure the problem is solved

The easiest way to check that the motor is installed correctly is to run the microwave with something inside it. Just fill a microwaveable dish (i.e. bowl or mug) with water, place the dish on the turntable, set a short cook time, and watch to ensure the turntable spins the dish around. The water gives the dish weight and helps test the motor.

If the turntable is still not turning, there may be other problems with the microwave. Either the microwave’s glass tray driving coupling is damaged or the glass tray support is stripped out or broken. Looking for more microwave troubleshooting tips and repair guides? Find them on the Flamingo Appliance Service website. Have an issue with one of your appliance that you cannot fix? Set up an appointment with one of our certified repair technicians today.


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