Where to Find Your Whirlpool Dryer Serial Number

One odd fact about American homes is that most people didn’t buy their current appliances. Your dryer right now is (most likely) not a dryer that you chose from a catalog or bought in a store. This is an odd side-effect of the real estate market and the trend of “move-in ready” homes. A home that is move-in ready sells quickly – sometimes instantly, and includes all the basic appliances for a family to pull the truck up right away. In addition, rental homes are mandated in many areas to include working appliances, – washer and dryer often included.

In effect, most people have moved into a home with a dryer they didn’t choose. In fact, most of us don’t even know the brand of our dryer without popping into the garage to check the logo on the control panel. Knowing the model and serial number is beyond the memory of even attentive homeowners who did buy their current dryer. But sometimes, you need this information.

When your dryer needs repairs, is about to be sold, needs to be assessed, or must be reinstalled, you will need to know it’s specifics. Fortunately, most dryers (and home appliances in general) fall into a family of common brands with similar manufacturing styles. Whirlpool is a leading brand and many dryers are made according to their methods.

If you own a Whirlpool dryer and are looking for its serial number, we’re here to help. This article will point you to the serial number and explore the possible uses. 

What is the Dryer Serial Number?

All Whirlpool dryers have a model number and a serial number. These two numbers combined can point an appliance database to exactly the dryer design that you have. This provides detailed information from the manufacturers and can be used as a keyword to ask questions from search engines and technicians.

Your Whirlpool dryer serial number may refer to both the model and serial numbers together, or just the second number separately. Be prepared to provide both.  

Where to Find a Whirlpool Dryer Serial Number

  • Inside the dryer door pocket
    • Open the dryer door
    • Look at the door pocket
    • Find the serial number plaque

Whirlpool has made it easy to find this key information for your dryer, kept in a practical and sheltered location. It is inside the dryer door, but not actually inside the dryer.

Open your dryer door. You should see a door pocket – a panel with a depression that the door fits into. Inside the depression is a rim around the opening. On this rim, you will find your Whirlpool dryer model number and serial number.

The serial number is on a rectangular white sticker or silver plaque. On the right-hand top corner of the sticker or plaque are the two numbers you seek. The first number, labeled “MOD” “MODEL NO” “MODEL NUMBER or “MODEL” is your model number. The second number, labeled “SER” “SERIAL NO” “SERIAL NUMBER” “SERIAL” or sometimes “S/N” is your serial number.

You may find other information on this sticker or plaque as well. This informational sticker is placed to provide emergency, safety, and maintenance information to the appliance owner and to future appliance technicians. 

What Can You Do with the Dryer Serial Number?

Many people go their entire lives without ever looking at a dryer serial number. but when you need this number. You need it. There are some things that can only be done if you know the model and serial number of your dryer. Once you know how to find your serial number, there’s all sorts of things you can do for yourself as with this information, as well.

Look Up Online Guides and Manuals

The first and most useful thing you can do with a dryer serial number is look up the manual. most of us don’t have the users manual for home appliances, even the appliances we have personally purchased. Fortunately, the internet is here to fill in the gap. Online archives of appliance manuals make it possible to always look up the detailed info on your appliance. With your dryer’s serial number, you can look up the right drier instantly.

Order Exact Replacement Parts

When your Whirlpool dryer needs repairs, those repairs often require a replacement part. Buying any replacement part, with approximately the right function isn’t good enough, most of the time. Fortunately, you can mail-order the right parts or ask for the right parts at your local hardware store. The dryer manual will include a list of replacement parts by their specific part numbers.

In addition to a parts reference in the manual, there are also online archives and web platforms that will help you look up the right part by simply typing the model and serial numbers for your dryer.

Learn About Hidden Features

Perusing your dryer manual or researching tips for your dryer serial number may reveal more than you expected. Most appliances have additional features that owners don’t know about. Resetting, turning off the buzzer, recalibrating temperature – these are common extra appliance features that can only be accessed if you know how. Learn the secret button combinations, tabs, and compartments with your Whirlpool dryer’s serial number and manual info.

Schedule Repairs with Fast Consultation

Knowing your dryer serial number is also useful when it comes time to call for repairs. If your dryer is making a weird sound, not heating, or otherwise failing to perform, a call or chat with a technician can help a lot. Normally, technicians need a close look at your appliance to know what the problem is and prepare to enact repairs. But the more information you can share, the more a technician can know before they arrive. If you are seeking no-contact service and minimum in-home repair time, knowing the serial number can really help.

Buying an Identical Replacement

Lastly, knowing the model and serial number can help you replace the appliance. There are some instances where you want to purchase an identical appliance or it’s most direct upgraded model. With the model and serial numbers, this will be easy to do.


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