6 Common Dryer Problems And How They Can Be Fixed

December 10, 2018
Dryer Repair

Although it could be considered a luxury, having a dryer is, for many people, a necessity in their home. Instead of stringing lines of clothes around the house or outside during the warm months, you can enjoy the incredible convenience of drying your clothes in a state-of-the-art dryer. However, when that dryer breaks down or stops working properly, it leaves your clothes damp and foul-smelling and it leaves you largely inconvenienced. In this post, we will take a look at a few common dryer problems that you might be experiencing with your dryer and what can be done to fix each problem. 

  1. The Dryer Makes Abnormal Noises: Most dryer are, by nature, going to make some noises while they are drying your clothes. However, if you start to notice some unusual sounds coming from the dryer, it could be an indication that something is wrong. If you start to hear thumping, squealing, squeaking, or humming, these are not normal sounds for a dryer to make and they mean that the dryer needs to be looked at. A dryer with worn out glides will often make noise. Simply by replacing the glides in the drum, the problem can be fixed and the noise eliminated. Other times, noise from a dryer could be caused by a problem with the blower wheel. In most instances, the blower wheel will need to be replaced, however there are times when all it needs is to be cleaned out. Finally, if the main belt in your dryer is out of place, it will cause a thumping noise to occur whenever it’s drying clothes. If the problem is caught early on, the belt might just need to be installed correctly by a repair technician. However, if it has been out of place for a while and has become worn out, you will need to have a professional install a new main belt.
  2. Your Clothes Always Come Out Wrinkled: There could be so many reasons behind why clothes come out of your dryer completely wrinkled. Some of the culprits could be a lack of fabric softener, a load that is too small or too large, improperly sorted laundry, incorrect water levels, or incorrect dry cycles. This is an easy fix and will require only minor adjustments. Simply sort laundry properly, dry with smaller loads, move clothes from the dryer immediately following a dry cycle, and use the permanent press cycle to reduce wrinkling.
  3. The Dryer Isn’t Heating: If you have already checked your dyer’s settings and everything is set correctly but the dryer isn’t heating, there could be a number of things causing this problem. If you have a gas dryer, take a look at the flame. If the flame isn’t blue and burning clean, it is the cause of poor heating. You will need a professional repair technician to come in and adjust the appliance. For electric dryers that aren’t heating properly, check the power chord. Firstly, it should be stated that an electric dryer must never be plugged into an extension cord because it takes up so much power. Always directly plug the cord into an outlet. If the dryer already is plugged into an outlet, inspect the power chord for any wear, tears, or burns. A worn out power chord could be causing the dryer not to heat properly. There are many other reasons why your dryer might not be heating and it is well worth calling a professional repair technician to get to the root of the problem and properly repair your dryer so that it works correctly again.  
  4. It Takes a Long Time For Your Clothes to Dry: So your dryer is heating properly and yet somehow, your clothes still take forever to dry. Luckily, a problem like this typically won’t require extensive time, energy, and expertise to repair. The cause for this is usually a problem as small as lint. Literally. If you haven’t cleaned out your lint filter is quite a while, it accumulates too much lint and forces your dryer to use up more energy than necessary, thus taking longer for your clothes to dry. 
  5. The Dryer Won’t Turn on at All: If your dryer isn’t turning on at all, there are a couple things you will need to check. Some of the things include the power, terminal block, door switch, thermostat, start switch, and thermal fuse. Any one of these parts could be causing your dryer not to turn on. The best thing to do is to call a professional repair technician to inspect all of these things for you and safely identify the reason why your dryer is not turning on. By having a professional come in to take a look at your dryer, you might only need to purchase new parts and pay for their services instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new dryer. 
  6. The Dryer is Not Tumbling: Several things could be causing your dryer not to tumble. However, one of the most common culprits behind a dryer that does not tumble is a bad belt. The drum inside your dryer will not turn if the belt is worn out or defective. A new belt may be all that is required to get your dryer up and running (and tumbling) again. You will need to make sure that you get the correct belt model and size for your type of dryer. It is a good idea to have a professional repair technician handle this for you. Not only will they be able to confirm that you get the right type of belt for your dryer, they can ensure that the correct problem and solution has been identified. 

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