Appliance Recalls of May 2019

When an appliance is recalled, it is done for a reason. You can bet that most brands are not thrilled about having to take returns and hand out refunds for just anything. This means that when you see a recall roll by, something of significant danger has occurred. It is important for any consumer and family to keep track of the year’s recalls so you’re aware just in case an item that you have purchased has been recalled for an unknown danger.

These dangers include breaking, exploding, catching fire, and laceration from sharp parts.

Today, we’re featuring four recalls that were all issued during May of 2019 with items that you could easily have in your home right now. Is your family at risk? Do you qualify for a fill refund? Let’s find out. 

Beaba Babycook Neo Steam Cooker/Blender

Recall Date: May 15, 2019

The Babycook Neo is a great idea. For parents that blend their own natural baby food, having a combination blender and steamer is a great way to turn anything into a delicious cooked puree without preservatives or unnecessary sugar or salt. However, the Babycook Neo also has a critical design flaw that has already been reported by over 300 different people and three incidents of injury.The problem is that the glass bowl in the combo unit is too thin or unstably blown. In common-use circumstances, the glass bowl can shatter creating both explosion and laceration risk. This unit is sold in more than a dozen stores and websites and is understandably popular except, of course, for the exploding glass bowl. Don’t worry, the Babycook Neo is still a great product. All you need is a new glass bowl.

  • The Problem
    • The glass bowl can break
    • Broken glass poses a laceration hazard
  • The Solution
    • Stop using the Babycook Neo
    • Contact Beaba for a free replacement bowl

ION Audio Portable Speakers

Recall Date: May 21, 2019

Portable speakers are a great way to take your party on the go. Anywhere can become a party spot by bumping beats, or a study refuge with soft focusing music. If you have trouble sleeping, portable speakers can play white noise to help any hotel room become a better sleep environment. ION offers a variety of portable speakers including the Sport Express, Cornerstone, Cornerstone Glow, and Keystone portable speakers. All of them have a very dangerous flaw.The batteries used inside the ION portable speakers feature a can of hydrogen gas which leaks. When charging, the leaking hydrogen can explode and the speaker can burst. Needless to say, this causes an explosion hazard and has already resulted in property damage. So far, ION has received five reports of exploding portable speakers and four caused property damage to the surrounding area. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

  • The Problem
    • Hydrogen gas can inside the battery can explode when charging.
    • Poses an explosion injury hazard and property damage hazard.
  • The Solution
    • Stop using the speakers immediately
    • Contact ION Audio for a refund gift card

Starbucks Bodum Recycled Coffee Press

Recall Date: May 1, 2019

A french press is a special way to make coffee that can be used on a picnic, in a hotel, or in your kitchen at home. Recently, Starbucks partnered with the Bodum brand to produce a line of french press coffee makers out of recycled plastic. It’s a clever idea and enjoyably eco-friendly. The only problem is that these recycled coffee makers were not made at high enough quality to be safe for public use.The top knob, an essential element of the french press, can come detached. This would only be an inconvenience except that the top of the metal rod that the knob depressed is very sharp. The sharp top of the rod poses a serious laceration risk. Over 230,000 coffee presses have been recalled, in addition to 33,000 coffee makers sold in Canada.

  • The Problem
    • Plunger knob breaks off
    • Exposes metal rod with a sharp lacerating end
  • The Solution
    • Stop using the coffee press and be careful with the knob.
    • Contact Starbucks for return instructions to receive a store credit refund.

Greenfield World Trade Food Dehydrator: Excalibur EZ DRY

Recall Date: May 2, 2019

Food dehydration is something that many people get into. It’s a way to preserve food without preservatives. It’s a way to turn fruit, vegetables, and meat into camping food quickly by extracting all of the water out of food. Some people love to dehydrate food for work snacks, for packed lunches, for camping trips, and for emergency kits.Unfortunately, the Excalibur EZ DRY unit produced by Greenfield World Trade has a dangerous flaw that food hydration enthusiasts need to be aware of. They can overheat. This is a very common problem when there’s a flaw in appliance manufacturing. The problem is that an overheating appliance poses a fire hazard because the appliance or the materials around it can ignite when the heat raises too high.So far, there have been eight reports of the food dehydrators not just overheating, but also melting and burning. There are even three incidents of the food dehydrator causing damage to the floors and countertops on which it was placed and a few minor burn injuries from touching the appliance as it overheats.

  • The Problem
    • Dehydrator can overheat when in use
    • Poses a fire hazard
  • The Solution
    • Stop using the food dehydrator immediately. Unplug it from the wall.
    • Contact Greenfield World Trade for a full refund

 —Is your home safe from malfunctioning appliances? Appliances can overheat, break, leak, even explode. It’s important to be aware of the recalls that go out each year so that you can prevent injury or property damage before it happens. If you have an appliance that has been recalled and need repairs to make it safe again, as is sometimes the recommended remedy, contact us today. Until then, keep an eye on the recall list. Browsing every few months is all it takes to ensure that your family is safe from potentially dangerous appliances.


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